Advil Coupons Canada 2019

advil coupons canadaAdvil coupons are now available to print at Pfizer’s Healthy Savings website. You need to login or register an account to print your coupons.

Current offers:

  • Save $5 on Advil Cold, Sinus and Flu Extra Strength
  • Save $5 on Advil Cold & Sinus
  • Buy 2, Save $10 on select Advil products
  • Save $5 on Advil tablets
  • Save $5 on Advil liqui-gels
  • Save $5 on Advil Nighttime liqui-gels
  • Save $5 on Advil 12 hour
  • Buy 2, Save $10 on Centrum Prenatal and Children’s Advil Pediatric Drops
  • Buy 2, Save $10 on Children’s Advil
  • Save $5 on Children’s Advil

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