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Get Free Custom Crown Royal Labels

Visit the Crown Royal Website to create free personalized label for your next bottle of Crown Royal® or to be used as a unique, memorable gift. You can order up to 3 labels per month and they will ship it to you for FREE. Get Labels >

Free Kids Stickers from

Do you love stickers? Order some free stickers at PETA Kids and spread the word about animal rights. Just complete the form on the following page, choose “Canada” from the drop down menu and then your province. Click here if you would like to receive a FREE Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals magazine – includes

Get Free Stickers from Peta

Do you love free stickers and animals? Fill out the form to order yourself some peta2 stickers and info on helping animals. Choose “Canada” from the drop down menu first, and then select your province. Stickers will arrive in 4-6 weeks Get stickers >