Healthy Essentials – Earn Points & Redeem for Gift Cards

Join the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS Reward Program and earn points when you print and use coupons for products like Aveeno, Tylenol, J&J, Neutrogena and more!

Redeem points for select gift cards worth $25!


How to earn Essential Rewards:

  • Earn 2 points for each of the first four coupons you print each week (Maximum two (2) prints of same coupon within ninety (90) day period)
  • Earn 6 points for each coupon that you redeem at retail stores
  • Earn 4 points for each of the first three product reviews you write per calendar month
  • Earn 8 points when you sign up for the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Listens Panel
  • Earn 10 points when you complete your HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® member profile
  • Earn 5 points just for signing up!
  • BONUS POINTS: Earn 1 point when you click or tap specific areas that have been called out as bonus point opportunities in certain HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® communications and on the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® website. Limit one (1) point per month, per content block. Limited to five (5) points per block over member lifetime.

Current Gift Offers (when you redeem 100 points):

  • Indigo $25 Electronic Gift Card
  • $25 Electronic Gift Certificate
  • The Ultimate Dining Card $25 Electronic Gift Card
  • Cineplex $25 Electronic Gift Card
  • Apple iTunes $25 Electronic Gift Card

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